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Finding The Best Way To Ship Internationally: How To Save Money When Shipping



If you’re weighing whether or not you should ship an item abroad The first steps you should take is to evaluate the expenses. This involves understanding the different shipping methods that are available and determining which will help you save the most cost. In this blog, we will discuss the three most common methods for international shipping and help to determine which one is the best fit for your requirements. We will also give you guidelines on how to ensure that your package arrives on time and safely.

The various Types of Shipping

There are several types of shipping you can choose to use for international shipping. You can select air, sea, and land-based shipping. Each comes with each its own advantages and disadvantages.

Air Shipping
The most sought-after method of shipping due to the fact that it is the cheapest choice. Air shipping typically charges an unbeatable cost for the shipping of an item around the world. There aren’t any additional charges to expedite delivery or clearance for customs.

The downside of air delivery is the fact that it takes more time than other kinds of shipping to get your product to the destination. It could take up to two weeks for items to arrive by airmail via Europe to the United States to Europe, for example.

Sea Shipping
The sea shipping industry is becoming more sought-after as an alternative to air-based shipping. Sea transporters charge according to the weight, size, and type of cargo (freight). They also offer discounts for expedited delivery as well as customs clearance.

The benefit of sea shipping is the speed at which it can be delivered compared to air transport: Items delivered by sea mail generally take two up to four days before reaching their destinations, as opposed to two weeks when using air mail. Furthermore, sea shipping can be less susceptible to being affected by the conditions of weather than air transportation. So, items that are delivered via sea are generally more secure than those that are delivered via air mail.

Land Shipping
Land shipping is the slowest option, however, it can be the most secure. Things shipped by land generally take longer than a month before they reach their destination. However, land shipping is less likely to be affected by weather conditions than sea or air transport. That means that goods delivered via land generally will be more secure than those that are shipped by sea or air mail.

Land shipping is the only option that permits you to follow the progress of your package. You can monitor the progress of your package anytime online using the tracking numbers provided by the carrier.

How to save money on International Shipping

International shipping can be costly particularly if you’re not exactly where to begin. Here are some suggestions on how you can save the cost of shipping internationally.

1. Compare shipping rates between different carriers. There are many different shipping companies offering international shipping. Their prices may differ greatly. You can try searching for “international shipping costs” to discover the different rates that you might be qualified for.

2. You might want to consider using a package forwarding service. The package forwarding company will package and deliver your items on your behalf and forward the costs directly to the carrier(s) that you choose. This is a more affordable alternative to using an individual carrier, based on your goods and the location. ( Learn more about the service of package forwarding here .)

3. Utilize the online calculators for shipping. There are a variety of online calculators available to aid you in determining the costs of shipping your products abroad. A few of these calculators are ShipStation along with UPS Worldwide Calculator.

4. Utilize services such as eBay to find cheaper international sellers. eBay offers many forums created by users that concentrate on international business (such as Forum for International Trade forum ). These forums can help you find cheaper sellers who might offer overseas goods to purchase. ( Find out more about finding inexpensive overseas sellers through eBay .)

The significance of Customs Forms

Shipping internationally is an expensive and lengthy process. To cut costs you must know the most efficient method to ship. There are several ways to lower your shipping expenses:

1. Determine the weight and size of your box.
2. Select a provider with a discount rate for big packages.
3. Utilize shipping containers to transport larger packages or items that require extra care.
4. Consolidate the shipments into one If it is possible.
5. Utilize online calculators for customs to figure out the proper tax and duties to pay.

The Most Effective Way to Ship Internationally

International shipping can be a costly and lengthy process. To cut costs when shipping, you can follow these suggestions:

1. Choose a shipping company that offers the lowest cost of shipping. There are numerous online shipping companies with low costs for international shipping.
2. Keep track of your package throughout the process of shipping. This will allow you to determine the date your package arrives and monitor any damages that might happen along the route.
3. Small items can be shipped using airmail or postal mail instead of large boxes that are shipped via air or sea carriers. Small items sent via airmail or postal mail is usually cheaper than sending large items via sea or air carriers.
4. Buy a cheap insurance plan to protect your shipment in the event it is damaged or lost during shipping. This insurance will pay for the cost of replacing lost or damaged items and any other costs for making claims.


The most essential aspect of running a successful business is the ability to save money. With the amount of competition there, it’s essential that you find ways to cut costs and decrease your overall expenses. One way to accomplish this is to ship internationally. By taking the time to find out about various international shipping services and then comparing costs, you’ll be able to reduce the cost of your shipping costs while also providing quality products to your clients.

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