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Top 10 Popular Abandoned Places on Long Island



Abandoned Places on Long Island

Welcome to Long Island, a historical destination with a dark and intriguing side. Exploring abandoned places on Long Island can be a thrilling experience for any adventurous soul. From former psychiatric centers to forgotten hospitals, this unique region offers a variety of fascinating locations for urban explorers to uncover. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular abandoned places on Long Island.

Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Nestled in the town of Smithtown, the Kings Park Psychiatric Center stands as a haunting reminder of a bygone era. Once a state-of-the-art mental health facility, it now sits in eerie silence, its crumbling buildings enveloped in overgrown vegetation. Urban explorers are drawn to this site to capture the surreal beauty of decay and contemplate the stories of those who once resided within these walls.

Red Hook Grain Terminal

Located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, the Red Hook Grain Terminal is a colossal structure that stands as a testament to Long Island’s industrial past. Once a bustling hub for grain storage and distribution, this abandoned facility now stands abandoned and forgotten. Its rusted metal beams and weathered brick walls create a dramatic backdrop for photographers and urban explorers seeking to capture the gritty beauty of urban decay.

Smallpox Memorial Hospital

Hidden away on an isolated stretch of land, the Smallpox Memorial Hospital carries a chilling history within its abandoned halls. Serving as a quarantine facility during one of the most devastating outbreaks in history, this foreboding structure now stands as a monument to the resilience of the human spirit. Explorers who venture here can sense the weight of the past and reflect on the sacrifices made in the battle against disease.

Fort Totten Park

Sitting in Queens, Fort Totten Park provides a unique blend of history and intrigue. Once a coastal defense fortress during the Civil War, this abandoned military site is now open for exploration. From its underground tunnels to its crumbling barracks, Fort Totten Park offers a glimpse into a forgotten era. Urban adventurers can walk in the footsteps of soldiers past and discover hidden secrets within this captivating location.

Bannerman Castle

Rising majestically from Pollepel Island in the Hudson River, Bannerman Castle has a captivating allure that is hard to resist. Though no longer inhabited, this abandoned castle stands as a testament to one man’s dream of creating a grand residence. Now a haunting relic, Bannerman Castle offers stunning views and eerie beauty for those brave enough to venture to its crumbling shores.

Buffalo Psychiatric Center

Situated in Buffalo, the Buffalo Psychiatric Center is a haunting reminder of the history of mental health treatment in western New York. Its grand architecture and imposing presence make it a popular destination for urban explorers. The decaying halls and shadowy corners of this abandoned facility hold the stories of countless individuals whose lives were impacted by the treatment they received here.

Pilgrim Psychiatric Center

Another relic of Long Island’s mental health history, Pilgrim Psychiatric Center in Brentwood boasts abandoned buildings that hint at a complex and troubled past. Exploring the crumbling structures reveals the remnants of a once-thriving mental health facility.

Camp Hero Military Base

Montauk’s Camp Hero has become synonymous with conspiracy theories and tales of government experiments. The abandoned military base, with its underground bunkers and radar towers, sparks the imagination, inviting exploration into the mysteries surrounding the Montauk Project.

Edgewood Arsenal

Nestled in Maryland, the Edgewood Arsenal was once a hub for chemical warfare research. Abandoned for decades, the dilapidated buildings and remnants of testing grounds evoke a sense of danger and mystery, reflecting a time when the world was on the brink of chemical warfare.

Montauk Air Force Station

The Montauk Air Force Station, also known as Camp Hero, remains an enigmatic site with abandoned radar towers and bunkers. Its association with the infamous “Montauk Project” fuels speculation and attracts curious explorers.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Abandoned Places On Long Island

How Do I Find Local Abandoned Places?

To find local abandoned places, start with an online search using Google or Bing Maps. You can also browse YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Groups, and Flickr for urban exploration ideas. Long Island has some interesting abandoned spots like Kings Park Psychiatric Center and Camp Hero.

Additionally, consider exploring Reddit forums for recommendations from locals.

Which State Has The Most Abandoned Places?

New York has the most abandoned places, including Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Red Hook Grain Terminal, and Smallpox Memorial Hospital.

How Can I Find Local Abandoned Places For Urban Exploration?

You can start by conducting online research using platforms like Google, Google Maps, Bing Bird’s Eye View, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Groups, and Flickr. These tools can help you discover hidden gems and abandoned locations in your local area.

Which State In The United States Has The Most Abandoned Places?

New York, specifically Long Island, is home to several intriguing abandoned spots, including Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Camp Hero, Neponsit Health Care Center, and more.


Discover the hidden treasures of Long Island by exploring its abandoned places. From the eerie Kings Park Psychiatric Center to the historical Bannerman Castle, there is no shortage of unique locations to discover. Use online tools like Google Maps and YouTube to uncover these forgotten gems.

Whether you’re a photographer or simply intrigued by the allure of abandoned sites, Long Island has something for everyone. Step into the past and unravel the mysteries of these abandoned places.

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