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The 10 Best Businesses to Start in Indiana in 2023



Best Businesses to Start in Indiana

Indiana, known for its rich history, diverse landscapes, and a strong sense of community, offers a fertile ground for entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2023, as the economy continues to recover and evolve, it’s an opportune time to explore new business ventures in the Hoosier state.

Whether you’re a resident or considering relocating, Indiana’s low tax burden and high startup survival rate make it an attractive place to start a business. This comprehensive guide will delve into the top 10 best business to start in Indiana this year.

Overview of the Indiana Economy

Indiana, situated in the heart of the Midwest region of the United States, boasts a diverse and robust economy that has demonstrated resilience and growth in recent years. With a population of over 6.7 million and a strategic location within the country, Indiana has become an attractive hub for businesses and entrepreneurs.

One of Indiana’s defining features is its strong manufacturing sector, which has earned it the moniker “the Crossroads of America.” The state is a national leader in manufacturing, producing a wide range of goods, including automobiles, steel, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace products. This sector’s vitality is a testament to Indiana’s skilled workforce and favorable business climate.

Furthermore, Indiana’s economy benefits from its agricultural sector, with corn and soybeans significantly contributing to the state’s output. The state also possesses abundant natural resources, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, further bolstering its economic diversity.

Indiana’s low tax burden and high startup survival rate have made it one of the most business-friendly states in the U.S., attracting established companies and aspiring entrepreneurs.

10 Best Business to Start in Indiana

Indiana is a great place to start a business. The state has a low cost of living, a skilled workforce, and a pro-business climate. The best business to start in Indiana will vary depending on your skills, interests, and capital. Here are the 10 best businesses to start in Indiana:

Food & Beverage

Indiana’s food and beverage industry continues to thrive, with residents and tourists seeking unique culinary experiences. Consider starting a restaurant, cafe, or specialty food establishment. Focus on local and regional flavors to attract a loyal customer base.

Expanding on Food & Beverage:

Indiana’s culinary scene is reentered, driven by a growing interest in locally sourced, sustainable, and innovative dining experiences. Starting a food and beverage business in Indiana presents an array of opportunities.

Restaurant: Indiana’s cities and towns are home to diverse communities with varying tastes and preferences. Opening a restaurant that caters to local culinary traditions while embracing global influences can be a winning strategy. From farm-to-table concepts to fusion cuisine, this sector has room for creativity.

Cafe: The demand for cozy neighborhood cafes is on the rise. Consider offering artisanal coffee, fresh pastries, and a welcoming atmosphere to create a loyal customer base. Specializing in unique coffee blends or local pastries can set your cafe apart.

Specialty Food Establishment: Indiana residents appreciate high-quality, specialty foods. Launching a business focusing on a niche market, such as craft cheese, artisanal chocolates, or gourmet sauces, can attract food enthusiasts seeking distinctive flavors.

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Stationery Shop

While the digital age has transformed communication, there’s still a place for physical stationery and unique paper products. Launching a stationery shop, whether online or brick-and-mortar, allows you to tap into the enduring appeal of handwritten letters, cards, and custom paper goods.

Expanding on Stationery Shop:

In a world dominated by digital communication, stationery holds a special place. A stationery shop in Indiana can cater to a diverse audience, including students, artists, businesses, and individuals who appreciate paper products’ tactile and personal nature.

Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar: You can establish an online stationery shop, which offers the advantage of reaching a wider audience. Alternatively, a physical store can create a unique shopping experience, allowing customers to browse and feel the stationery products.

Customization: Consider offering personalized stationery and custom design services. Collaborate with local artists and calligraphers to create one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with customers seeking unique gifts and expressions.

Educational Workshops: Hosting calligraphy, letter writing, and paper crafting workshops can enhance community engagement and provide an additional revenue stream.

Craft Beer Brewery

Craft beer culture is rising, and Indiana has a burgeoning craft beer scene. If you are passionate about brewing, consider opening a craft beer brewery. Create distinctive, locally-inspired brews to capture the attention of beer enthusiasts.

Expanding on Craft Beer Brewery:

Indiana’s craft beer industry thrives, fueled by an increasing demand for unique and flavorful brews. Here are some key considerations when starting a craft beer brewery in the state:

Niche and Innovation: Differentiate your brewery by specializing in specific beer styles, such as IPAs, stouts, sours, or experimental brews. Innovation in flavor profiles and brewing techniques can set your brewery apart.

Taproom Experience: A taproom attached to your brewery can allow patrons to enjoy your creations. Consider offering tours, tastings, and a welcoming atmosphere to build a loyal customer base.

Collaborations: Collaborate with local businesses, restaurants, and events to feature your beer. Participating in local beer festivals and events can boost your brewery’s visibility and reputation.

Sustainability: Embrace sustainability practices in your brewery, such as recycling, energy efficiency, and sourcing local ingredients. This can resonate with environmentally-conscious consumers.

Co-working Space

As remote work becomes increasingly popular, co-working spaces are in demand. Establishing a co-working facility can cater to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers looking for a productive and collaborative environment.

Expanding on Co-working Space:

The shift toward remote work has transformed how people approach their careers, making co-working spaces an appealing business opportunity in Indiana. Here’s how to make your co-working space venture successful:

Location: Select a strategic location within a bustling urban area or near corporate hubs. Accessibility, proximity to public transportation, and parking facilities are essential considerations.

Flexible Memberships: Offer a variety of membership plans to accommodate different needs, including part-time memberships, dedicated desks, and private offices. Flexibility is key to attracting a diverse clientele.

Amenities: Enhance the co-working experience by providing high-speed internet, ergonomic furniture, meeting rooms, and communal areas for networking and collaboration.

Community Building: Foster a sense of community among members by organizing networking events, workshops, and seminars. Building a supportive and collaborative atmosphere can lead to long-lasting member relationships.

Specialty Grocery Store

Specialty grocery stores that offer unique and locally-sourced products are gaining popularity. Consider opening a specialty grocery store featuring organic, artisanal, or international foods that cater to health-conscious consumers and food enthusiasts.

Expanding on Specialty Grocery Store:

The grocery retail sector in Indiana offers opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to cater to specific consumer preferences and dietary needs. Here are some key strategies to succeed in this business:

Product Selection: Curate a carefully selected range of products that align with the preferences of your target audience. Focus on quality, uniqueness, and sourcing from local producers when possible.

Health and Wellness: Emphasize health-conscious offerings, including organic produce, gluten-free options, and dietary-specific products. Educate customers about the nutritional benefits of your products.

Local Partnerships: Collaborate with local farmers, artisans, and producers to showcase their goods in your store. Building strong relationships with local suppliers can create a sense of community and support.

In-Store Experience: Create an inviting and well-organized shopping environment. Offer tasting events, cooking classes, and product demonstrations to engage customers and encourage exploration.

Airbnb Rental

The popularity of Airbnb and other vacation rental platforms continues to rise, presenting an opportunity for property owners in Indiana to generate income by renting out their homes or investment properties.

Expanding on Airbnb Rental:

Indiana’s diverse landscapes and attractions make it an attractive destination for tourists and travelers. If you own property, consider venturing into the short-term rental market. Here’s how to get started:

Property Selection: Choose a property that appeals to tourists and aligns with popular travel destinations in Indiana. Proximity to attractions, scenic views, and unique features can enhance your property’s appeal.

Listing Optimization: Craft an enticing Airbnb listing with high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and competitive pricing. Highlight the unique aspects of your property to attract potential guests.

Guest Experience: Ensure a seamless and enjoyable stay for your guests. Provide essential amenities, maintain cleanliness, and offer local recommendations to enhance their visit.

Regulations and Compliance: Familiarizeyourself with local regulations and zoning laws related to short-term rentals. Comply with tax requirements and obtain necessary permits or licenses.

Transportation Service

With the influx of visitors and the need for efficient transportation, starting a transportation service can be a lucrative venture in Indiana. Whether it’s a taxi, rideshare, or shuttle service, catering to transportation needs can yield significant returns.

Expanding on Transportation Service:

Indiana’s growing tourism industry and the need for convenient transportation options make this sector attractive to entrepreneurs. Here are key aspects to consider when starting a transportation service:

Service Type: Determine the transportation service you want to offer, such as rideshare, taxi, airport shuttle, or specialized transport for events and tours.

Fleet Management: Acquire a fleet of vehicles suitable for your chosen service. Consider factors like vehicle reliability, fuel efficiency, and passenger comfort.

Safety and Licensing: Ensure your drivers are properly licensed and undergo background checks. Compliance with safety regulations is essential for building trust with customers.

Digital Platform: Develop a user-friendly mobile app or website for booking rides and tracking vehicles. Embracing technology can enhance the customer experience.

Market Research: Study the transportation needs in your target area, identify competitors, and assess pricing strategies to remain competitive.

Supplements Store

The health and wellness industry is experiencing significant growth, and supplements are crucial. Launching a supplement store can cater to the increasing demand for vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements.

Expanding on Supplements Store:

Health-conscious consumers in Indiana seek ways to enhance their well-being, creating an opportunity for supplement industry entrepreneurs. Here’s how to establish a successful supplement store:

Product Selection: Offer a diverse range of supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, and sports nutrition products. Focus on quality and product efficacy.

Educational Resources: Provide customers with information about the benefits and uses of different supplements. Consider hiring knowledgeable staff or collaborating with healthcare professionals for guidance.

E-commerce Integration: Create an online store to expand your reach beyond your physical location. An e-commerce platform allows customers to purchase supplements and access information conveniently.

Customer Engagement: Develop loyalty programs, offer personalized recommendations, and host wellness events to engage your customer base. Building trust is crucial in the supplements industry.

Food Truck

Food trucks have become a culinary phenomenon in recent years, offering unique and convenient dining experiences. Starting a food truck business in Indiana allows you to explore various cuisines and reach diverse audiences at events, festivals, and local hotspots.

Expanding on Food Truck:

Food trucks embody the spirit of entrepreneurship and culinary creativity. Indiana’s vibrant food scene and enthusiastic foodies create a welcoming environment for food truck ventures. Here are key considerations:

Cuisine Selection: Choose a cuisine or theme that aligns with your passion and local demand. Whether it’s gourmet burgers, tacos, BBQ, or international flavors, focus on delivering exceptional taste.

Mobility: The mobility of a food truck allows you to adapt to changing customer preferences and attend high-traffic events. Identify strategic locations and events to maximize your presence.

Licensing and Permits: Ensure you obtain the necessary licenses and permits to operate a food truck legally. Compliance with health and safety regulations is essential.

Marketing and Branding: Build a strong brand identity and use social media to promote your food truck’s location and menu. Engage with customers and encourage reviews to build a loyal following.

Junk Removal

As construction and development activities thrive in Indiana, the demand for junk removal services is rising. Starting a junk removal business can be profitable, serving construction sites, businesses, and homeowners.

Expanding on Junk Removal:

Indiana’s construction boom and property development create ample opportunities for junk removal services. Here’s how to establish a successful junk removal business:

Equipment and Resources: Invest in the necessary equipment, including trucks, tools, and safety gear, to efficiently remove and dispose of junk.

Target Markets: Identify your target markets, such as construction companies, real estate agencies, property management firms, and homeowners. Tailor your services to meet their specific needs.

Pricing Structure: Develop competitive pricing packages based on load size, distance traveled, and disposal fees. Transparent pricing can attract customers.

Marketing and Networking: Build relationships with local businesses and organizations. Utilize online marketing, referrals, and partnerships to expand your client base.


With its diverse economy and entrepreneurial-friendly environment, Indiana offers a wealth of opportunities for business-minded individuals. Whether you’re drawn to the culinary world, the health and wellness industry, or the transportation sector, Indiana provides a welcoming backdrop for your entrepreneurial journey.

As you embark on your business venture, conduct thorough market research, develop a solid business plan, and prioritize customer satisfaction. Building a successful business in Indiana requires dedication, innovation, and a commitment to meeting the needs of your target audience.

Stay adaptable, embrace new technologies, and foster community engagement to ensure your business’s long-term growth and prosperity in the Hoosier state. With the right approach and a touch of Hoosier spirit, you can make 2023 the year your entrepreneurial dreams come true in Indiana.

FAQs for the Best Businesses to Start in Indiana

What makes Indiana a good state for starting a business?

Indiana offers a favorable business environment with low taxes, a skilled workforce, and various economic incentives. Its strategic location and strong manufacturing sector also make it attractive.

Are there any specific industries that thrive in Indiana?

Yes, Indiana excels in manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and technology sectors. The state’s diverse economy provides opportunities for various businesses.

How can I find funding or financial assistance for my business in Indiana?

You can explore options such as small business loans, grants, and tax incentives offered by state and local government programs, as well as financial institutions.

What are the challenges of starting a business in Indiana?

Challenges may include competition in certain industries, access to skilled labor, and compliance with state regulations. Market research and a well-developed business plan can help address these challenges.

What types of businesses are well-suited for rural areas in Indiana?

Agriculture-related ventures, agribusiness, renewable energy projects, and small-scale manufacturing can thrive in rural areas of Indiana.

How can I connect with business support organizations and networking groups in Indiana?

You can reach out to organizations like the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC), local chambers of commerce, and industry-specific associations for networking and support.

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