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Mobile Google CEO Promises 11-use to compatible phones



With the launch of Android, Oreo Google has made it evident that they are determined to embrace VR. (VR). This is not without reason. there is a lot of potentials for VR to change our interactions in our daily lives with others around us. However, Google isn’t the only one in its quest. Facebook, Samsung, and other big tech companies have also invested heavily in VR technology. One way they’ve done this is through the development of mobile applications and devices that connect users with virtual environments. One of the top people in Google’s mobile division has revealed that 11 new phones are compatible with Google’s forthcoming Daydream platform. This announcement is yet another reason to purchase VR-compatible phones. If you’re hoping to join the VR trend, this could be the best moment to start!

Google’s Mobile CEO has promised 11 Daydream-compatible smartphones

Android’s mobile CEO Rick Osterloh, has said that all 11 Daydream-compatible phones will be in stock at the end of the year. This announcement comes after weeks of speculation on the phone makers who will be able to make phones that are compatible with Daydream. At present only Samsung, as well as LG, have stated that they will produce phones that support Daydream. However other companies, including Huawei, Motorola, and HTC have also expressed plans to launch their own smartphones that are compatible with the Daydream platform.
This announcement is significant because it affirms that Google is determined to develop and roll out an application that supports mobile VR. Prior to this, Oculus had been the only company that was developing an app-based smartphone VR platform. In the meantime, Facebook has since joined the VR trend with the purchase of Oculus in March this year. Following this announcement from Google it is like there’s going to be more competitive in the marketplace for portable VR platforms in the near future.

What exactly is Daydream?

Daydream is a brand new platform and ecosystem specifically designed in the virtual world (VR) and AR. (AR). By launching Daydream in the near future, Google is aiming to be the standard to create VR as well as AR content. At present, there are only a few devices that support Daydream in the market, however, it is likely to be changing in the near future.

One of the main goals of Daydream is high-quality content. In this regard, Google has teamed up with the top brands in the market of VR as well as AR to make experiences users will enjoy. The Partners consist of Oculus, HTC, Samsung, and Sony. Apart from offering high-quality media, Daydream is also equipped with intuitive features, making it simple to anyone to begin using VR or AR.

What are the advantages of Daydream?

1. Daydream provides a unique VR experience that’s distinct in comparison to other VR platforms, such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
2. Daydream-compatible phones will allow users to gain access to virtual reality-related content.
3. Due to the fact that Daydream requires less technology than some similar VR platforms, Daydream is able to be more affordable and accessible for those who want to use it.
4. Google has launched a range of Daydream-compatible apps, such as YouTube, Street View, and the navigation application Waze.

How Can You Get Daydream-Compatible phones?

There are several options to upgrade your mobile to work with Daydream.

1. Download Google Daydream Viewer on your mobile phone. Google Daydream Viewer app on your mobile phone that is compatible with it.
2. If you own an Android phone that is compatible, you should upgrade to the most current version of Android software (Lollipop or later).
3. Utilize a Daydream-compatible headset, like Samsung Gear VR, Samsung Gear VR, or Google Cardboard.


Mobile Google CEO Sundar Pichai has stated that all Pixel phones will work with Daydream beginning on day one, as well as that there are 11 models being developed. This announcement comes just days after reports started circulating suggesting that Samsung might not be offering VR support for their forthcoming Galaxy S8 flagship phone. The question is whether or not this means Daydream will be the most popular VR platform is yet to be determined, but it’s evident that Google is determined to keep its virtual reality ecosystem as extensive and competitive as it can be.

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