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Pros and Cons of Owning an Anytime Fitness Franchise for 2023 (Expert Review)



pros and cons of owning an anytime fitness

Is Anytime Fitness Ownership Right for You? Whether Anytime Fitness ownership is right for you depends on your entrepreneurial goals, passion for fitness, business acumen, and willingness to invest time and effort into managing a fitness franchise. However, there are some factors you should consider before taking franchise.

So, if you are in search of ways to take Anytime Fitness franchise, this article is an ideal for you since it can help you from the confusion of a lot of question that haunting into your mind over taking Anytime Fitness franchise.

In this article, we will discuss both sides of pros and cons you may generally encounter while choosing the ownership of Anytime Fitness. At the end of the article, we will share our expert and honest review to help you deciding whether you should go for or not. So, let’s explore!

Pros and Cons of Owning an Anytime Fitness Franchise:

When it comes to taking decision, there is a lot of thing starts roaming into our mind. If it happens to be owning franchises, it becomes tougher to take right decision. In this case, you have to consider a lot of thing like client reviews, pros and cons, amenities etc.

For staying fit and healthy, joining a gym has gained significant popularity. Among the fitness center chains, Anytime Fitness franchise stands out. Renowned for its accessibility, it allows members to work out according to their schedules. However, before going to sign up for a membership, it’s recommended to consider advantage and disadvantages so that you cannot make mistake. Here we have included several disadvantages of Anytime Fitness along with advantages regarding the franchises.

They provide 360 assistance and helpApplication fee $300 per submission, which is non-refundable
Anytime Fitness offers low cost franchise fee $42500 for a one-time and $699 per monthThough compared to others, they claim franchise fee is lower but it may be higher for someone
Twenty-one (21) countries are eligible officially. However, you can also request from other countries if you are interested.Waiting for equipment might take a while because the gyms are really busy during the busiest times.
The process of owning franchise is very straightforwardIn several locations, chalk or drop weights isn’t provided so powerlifters may have to admit it.
They offer low royalty feesAnytime Fitness does not provide a good amount of amenities such as pools, basketball courts, childcare, etc.
Advantage of purchasing equipment at compatible priceN/A
They provide support for marketingN/A

So, according to the advantages and disadvantages about owning the franchise of Anytime Fitness, it can be a great opportunity to expand your dream business or entrepreneurial goal. If you are interested to learn in-depth information about Anytime Fitness membership, you may visit Franchise Disclosure Document.

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Application Process for Anytime Fitness Franchise:

In this section, we will discuss about the application process for owning franchise of Anytime Fitness. There are several steps you need to complete during the application process. So, here are the steps to complete:

Step 1: Create a proposal for Anytime Fitness by visiting their franchise application portal, focusing on your competitive edge and the benefits your product or service offers.

Step 2: Pay a $300 application fee via our secure Authorize.Net payment portal. Remember, your proposal will only be reviewed after payment.

Step 3: Submit your proposal to Keep it brief and straightforward. Include your application fee’s transaction ID in the email subject.

Step 4: Every 6 weeks, a vendor review panel meets to assess submitted proposals. Initial information is considered. If your proposal sparks interest, you’ll be asked for more details.

Please stick to this process. Avoid unnecessary follow-ups due to our busy communication channels. Wait for our review panel to reach out. This approach ensures your proposal gets the attention it deserves.

Anytime Fitness Complaints – Reviews from Clients:

Here we will discuss about what members talk about Anytime Fitness regarding their services. So, this section is completely irrelevant to owning franchise for Anytime Fitness.

In ConsumerAffairs, it’s stated that Anytime Fitness has received 3.0 out of 5 overall rating which is not satisfactory rating so far.

pros and cons of owning an anytime fitness

Moreover, there are many of members who complain that they are encountered from bullying, harassing. They also complain about taking extra money even after cancelling the membership.

Here a member of them who shared his bitter experience with Anytime Fitness.

“I started a membership a couple of years ago at the Orland Park location. I was transferred last year by them to the Frankfurt Illinois location. I terminated my membership in writing over a month ago because of health reasons. They keep harassing me on the phone to pay. I also have silver sneakers which they accept but they still want me to pay?? Managers use bullying techniques on senior citizen. I know I’m not the only one.”

There is another reviews website Trustpilot where Anytime Fitness obtains only 2.7 rating out of 5 from total 128 reviews by now, which definitely indicates poor rating. Most of members complain about taking extra charge, sometimes twice in a month.

pros and cons of owning an anytime fitness

Recently a member who said that Anytime Fitness has the worst member support, restrictive contracts, and poor value for the cost. The owner may seem friendly but can be deceitful to make money from your contract. They hide contract downsides with positive talk before you sign. In term of cancelling the membership, another member expressed his bad experience with Anytime Fitness.

Here what he said –

“You cannot cancel membership & when you try to get out it’s a 700+ fee from a collection agency plus a loss of credit rating. On top of that the contract renewal process is geared towards Anytime Fitness sometimes in your future getting a 700+ collection fee plus a bad credit rating. Do not do business with this company.”

So far we have mentioned about only bad experiences happened with the members. But there are also several number of good or satisfied reviews regarding their services. So, before signing up for membership, we advise to think in-depth avoiding mistake.

Our Reviews about Owning Anytime Fitness Franchise:

Whether or not owning franchise for anytime fitness is challenging decision. But it will completely depend on your budget, entrepreneurial goals, and lifestyle.

Owning an Anytime Fitness franchise can be a profitable business opportunity. In addition, Anytime Fitness offers international opportunities of owning franchise, including 21 countries. They also provide various advantages like 360 support, low royalty fees, and others

But before signing up there are several factors you should consider, including your financial investment, location, management experience, market research, and the level of recognition the franchisor has garnered among the people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How profitable is owning an Anytime Fitness?

The profitability of owning an Anytime Fitness franchise can vary based on factors such as location, local market conditions, and management. Generally, it has the potential to be profitable due to its established brand and popular 24/7 gym model, but individual results may vary.

Why is Anytime Fitness a good franchise?

Anytime Fitness is a good franchise due to its lower fees compared to other franchises. It has a one-time $42,500 franchise fee and a monthly payment of $699, without charging fees based on sales totals, unlike many other franchisors.

Are gym franchises profitable?

Yes, gym franchises can be profitable. On average, franchisees earn about $50,000 per year, with around 7% making over $250,000 annually. Success largely depends on a productive relationship with the franchisor.

Is anytime fitness good for bodybuilding?

Anytime Fitness is suitable for individuals aiming to stay healthy or enhance their appearance, but it might not offer enough advanced equipment for serious bodybuilders due to limited resistance machines. It is, however, a supportive option for weight loss goals.

Is anytime fitness worth it?

Yes, Anytime Fitness is worth it for those looking to stay healthy, improve their appearance, or lose weight due to its supportive environment and adequate equipment selection for general fitness goals. However, it might not be sufficient for professional bodybuilders due to the limited variety of resistance machines.

Why is anytime fitness so expensive?

Anytime Fitness is expensive due to its global access, 24/7 availability, and substantial resource allocation.

How much is anytime fitness a month?

The monthly cost of an Anytime Fitness membership varies by location, but it averages around $41 in the United States and $53 in Canada.

Wrapping Up:

Considering pros and cons of owning an Anytime Fitness franchise before signing up is very crucial. The benefits of joining the Anytime Fitness network include a proven business model, access to a well-established brand, and the growing demand for fitness and wellness services. The flexibility of 24/7 access appeals to a wide range of customers and can contribute to steady revenue.

However, challenges such as initial investment costs, ongoing franchise fees, and intense competition within the fitness industry should not be overlooked. Furthermore, it’s important to take into consideration what clients are saying about the services provided. Success in this business will ultimately depend on the owner’s dedication, business acumen, and ability to adapt to the evolving health and fitness landscape.

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