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Seveney Mortgage Note Investments Reviews: What You Need to Know



seveney mortgage note investments reviews

What is a 7e investment? A 7e or Seveney investment refers to a mortgage note fund that specializes in acquiring single-family loans where the borrower is behind on their payments.

If you are in search of knowing about Seveney mortgage note investment, including mortgage note investing, advantages of investing for mortgage notes, and the working process of Seveney Investments firm.

All of these topics related to the secured note investments at Seveney, we will break down everything in this article. Additionally, the information we have discussed taken from different reliable resources on web. So, if you read this article thoroughly, we can have a constructive idea about the management of note investing and how Seveney Note investment works.

A Short Overview to Seveney Mortgage Note Investments Reviews:

7e or Seveney Investments which is founded by Chris Seveney in 2015, is a Virginia-based mortgage note investment firm. Their Regulation A+ Investment Fund, open to accredited and non-accredited investors, focuses on purchasing discounted first position mortgage notes tied to single-family homes. This strategy allows them to generate impressive returns beyond market standards.

What is a Mortgage Note Investment?

Before kicking off the main topic, let’s take a look at the definition of mortgage note investment. A mortgage note investment is when an investor buys an ongoing mortgage, becoming the new lender. This lets them receive monthly payments from the borrower and the authority to foreclose if payments are missed.

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Reasons to Choose Seveney Mortgage Note Investments?

When it comes to choosing the Seveney or 7e Note Investment, there might have many reasons but in this section we have discussed several factors that can help you out choosing it, are summarized in the following:

1. Steady high income for your lifestyle – Earn 8-10% annualized return, beating traditional fixed options and even riskier assets like high-yield bonds.

2. Invest to help homeowners stay in their homes – Earn an 8% return while making a positive impact. We prioritize giving people a second chance with dignity, rather than displacing them.

3. Comprehensive strategy for investment management – We employ a multi-faceted approach to manage investments, ensuring we tackle risks and opportunities comprehensively for successful outcomes.

4. Bonus Shares – Investors who buy 2,500 out of the first 7,500,000 shares will get 100 extra Bonus Shares of Class A Preferred Stock, identical to the main shares. These bonus shares, along with the initial purchase, can increase dividend income to more than 10% due to an 8% earning potential.

5. Proven success – 7e Investments stands out in the challenging real estate sector with a track record that includes over 500 managed deals, decades of combined real estate experience, consistent success in diverse regions like the Rustbelt/Midwest, and a remarkable 100% positive resolution rate for notes in their latest fund as of September 30, 2022.

6. Experienced team ensuring swift outcomes – Our skilled professionals, including specialized attorneys for real estate law, state-licensed servicers for borrower communication, and real estate-focused CPAs, work together to achieve rapid results. This comprehensive team approach accelerates portfolio growth.

Moreover, there is a person who is interested in investing with 7e Note Investment, shared his feeling on BiggerPockets. Here what he says –

I’ve known Chris for almost 2 years and we transacted on a couple notes. He’s very reputable and I would not hesitate doing more business with him.

Advantages of Working with Seveney Mortgage Investment:

There are several benefits you may experience if you join 7e Note Investment, summarized and provided below:

  1. Priority Returns for Investors: Investors receive their earnings before other stakeholders, ensuring high returns on their investment.
  2. Financial Relief for Struggling Families: Offering a lifeline to families facing challenges by providing a second opportunity for stability and growth.
  3. Preferred Investor Payout: Investors are prioritized when distributing profits, enhancing their financial rewards.
  4. Zero Management Fees: The absence of management fees optimizes investment returns by eliminating unnecessary costs.
  5. Tax-Advantaged Dividends: Dividends disbursed by Seveney are subject to lower taxation rates compared to regular interest or income earnings.
  6. Consistent Monthly Dividend Distribution: Seveney has successfully maintained a record of delivering dividends every month since its inception, ensuring reliable income for investors.
  7. Rigorous Borrower Selection Process: Only borrowers who meet stringent criteria are chosen, ensuring the investment’s security and minimizing risk.

How does Seveney Mortgage Note Investments Work?

The working process of Seveney Mortgage Note Investments can be summarized in the following steps:

1. Identify distressed single-family loans with late or delinquent borrowers due to temporary problems like job loss, illness, or death of a spouse.

2. Thoroughly understand the borrower’s situation and financial status to determine if they can get back on track with payments.

3. Purchase these distressed loans at a discount, usually 40–60% of the loan’s value, providing flexibility for new payment plans.

4. Create win-win deals that allow borrowers to stay in their homes by adjusting payments to affordable levels.

5. Focus on a limited number of loans to thoroughly investigate borrowers and select those likely to repay.

6. Strive to reach an agreement with borrowers, finding workable repayment solutions.

7. In exceptional cases where agreement isn’t possible, take over the property, renovate it, and sell it at a profit.

Note: 7e Investments doesn’t provide tax advice; consult with a tax professional for personalized guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you make money with mortgage notes?

Yes, investing in mortgage notes can be a profitable strategy to enhance your real estate portfolio. The inherent property security, attractive returns surpassing other assets, and advantageous tax treatment contribute to the viability of this income augmentation approach.

What is a 7e investment?

A 7e Investment refers to a mortgage note fund that specializes in investing in single-family loans where the borrower is behind or delinquent on their payments.

How much do mortgage notes cost?

The cost of a mortgage note varies based on factors like remaining principal balance and associated risks. Reliable buyers might offer approximately 70 cents on the dollar, factoring in the level of risk involved in purchasing the note.

How to invest in notes?

To invest in notes, you purchase them from a lender at a reduced price and later sell them to other investors at a higher price, usually buying in bulk and reselling individually. This method, known as note flipping, offers a relatively low-risk opportunity to profit as an intermediary in the investment process.


To sum it up about the seveney mortgage note investments reviews, it truly stands out for its expertise in dealing with struggling single-family home loans. Their focus on investing in mortgage notes linked to late or missed payments reflects their dedication to exploring distinctive prospects within the real estate arena.

By smartly managing finances and carefully evaluating risks, Seveney Investments has earned a reputation for adeptly handling the intricacies of mortgage note investments. The reviews clearly highlight how their personalized approaches and skill in managing these unique assets have solidified their position as a prominent player in the investment realm.

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