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An Ultimate Guide to My Automatic Pay: Legit or Real?



Is My Automatic Pay platform is real or scam? In some perspectives, My Automatic Pay platform can be reliable since many people already shared their experiences. However, in this online business, it’s really hard to find legit one.

As a matter of fact, in this article we will dive into a comprehensive guide about its authenticity. So if you read this article you will be able to know about My Automatic Pay program.

What is My Automatic Pay?

The My Automatic Pay business opportunity presents a lucrative online money-making system centered around marketing products and services through a well-designed sales funnel.

This comprehensive system boasts essential tools such as a autoresponder, website builder, and different types of marketing tools to enhance your online success.

By promoting the My Automatic Pay system to others, you can secure attractive commissions and unlock abundant earning potential.

How Does My Automatic Pay Work?

My Automatic Pay is a digital marketing system designed to assist users in generating leads and sales online. It offers various tools and resources to facilitate this process. To understand how the automatic pay works, let’s break down the components of the system:

Lead Capture Page Builder: The system includes a lead capture page builder, which allows users to create customized pages. These pages are designed to capture essential information from potential leads. By collecting contact details or other relevant data, the user can effectively build a list of potential customers.

Auto Responder: The automatic pay system features an auto responder, which is a crucial tool for automated communication. When a lead submits their information through the lead capture page, the auto responder will automatically send pre-written emails or messages to follow up with them. This helps nurture the leads and keep them engaged with the user’s business.

Contact Manager: The contact manager within the system keeps track of all the user’s leads and contacts. This feature enables users to organize and manage their leads efficiently, making it easier to communicate with them in the future. Having a well-organized contact list is essential for effective customer relationship management.

Training Academy: The automatic pay system offers an eBook training package and a comprehensive training academy. This education and support are provided to empower users with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their online marketing endeavors. The training may cover various topics, such as lead generation strategies, sales techniques, and effective marketing practices.

By combining these tools and resources, My Automatic Pay aims to equip users with the means to generate leads and sales online successfully. The system allows users to create appealing lead capture pages, automate follow-up communication through the auto responder, maintain an organized contact list, and acquire valuable knowledge from the training academy.

Based on the information provided, My Automatic Pay does not appear to be a scam, as it offers tangible tools and training to support users’ digital marketing efforts. However, as with any business opportunity, it is essential for users to conduct their research, read reviews, and exercise caution before investing time and money into any marketing system or program.

Is My Automatic Pay Legit or Real?

After thoroughly reviewing My Automatic Pay, it appears to be a legitimate digital marketing system with products and an affiliate program. The program offers users tools and resources to generate leads and sales online, and there are eBooks available covering various internet marketing strategies.

In terms of legitimacy, the program itself doesn’t seem to be a scam, as it provides valuable training and resources. However, there are a few aspects that might raise some concerns for potential affiliates. Firstly, the program seems to focus primarily on reselling the system itself rather than promoting external offers, which could limit the scope of potential business opportunities.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that affiliates need to purchase the products they want to promote to obtain resell rights. Also, to accept direct payments from customers, affiliates must have their own merchant account, which might not be ideal for everyone.

The Pros and Cons of My Automatic Pay

My Automatic Pay offers a comprehensive marketing system with potential for high ticket and recurring commissions. However, it has some downsides, let’s explore the pros and cons.


Comprehensive Marketing System: My Automatic Pay offers a complete digital marketing system, including a lead capture page builder, contact manager, training academy, and auto responder. This all-in-one package can be beneficial for those looking to start an online business as it provides essential tools and resources.

High Ticket Commissions: If you become an affiliate, you can earn big commissions by promoting their expensive products. The products cost around $997 on average, and you can make up to $500 per sale, which is a great chance to earn money.

Recurring Commissions: My Automatic Pay’s monthly membership program offers the chance to earn recurring commissions. This can be advantageous for affiliates as it provides a consistent income stream over time.

Educational EBooks: The eBooks offered by My Automatic Pay cover various internet marketing strategies, including SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing. These resources can be valuable for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in online marketing.


Merchant Account Requirement: A potential drawback is that affiliates need their own merchant account to accept direct payments from customers. This requirement might be an extra hurdle for some individuals, especially if they are new to online business and don’t have experience setting up payment systems.

Upfront Investment: Affiliates need to purchase the products they want to promote in order to gain resell rights. This means an upfront investment is required before starting to promote the products, which might be a barrier for some potential affiliates.

Admin Fee Deduction: The review mentions that part of each customer payment goes towards an admin fee paid to the company. This deduction might reduce the overall commission earnings for affiliates.

How to Sign Up for My Automatic Pay

To sign up for My Automatic Pay’s affiliate program, simply go to their website and register as an affiliate. Once registered, you can start promoting their products to earn commissions.

Keep in mind that as an affiliate, you’ll need to purchase the products you want to promote to gain resell rights. Additionally, you’ll need your own merchant account to directly receive payments from customers.

The Bottom Line

After thoroughly examining My Automatic Pay as an affiliate program and digital marketing system, it is evident that it offers valuable tools and resources to help users generate leads and sales online. While it may not be a scam, there are certain aspects that may raise concerns for potential affiliates.

The decision to join My Automatic Pay as an affiliate will depend on individual preferences and priorities. If you are seeking a program that handles payments and refund requests on your behalf, you may want to explore other options.

However, if you are willing to manage your own payments and value the training resources offered, My Automatic Pay could be a viable option to consider as you embark on your affiliate marketing journey.

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