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10 Most Unique Hotels in Florida



Unique Hotels in Florida

Discover the 10 most unique hotels in Florida, including the luxurious and artistic Betsy Hotel in South Beach, Miami Beach, and the adventurous Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo, where rustic luxury meets outdoor activities. From themed boutique hotels to historic landmarks, Florida offers a variety of unconventional accommodations for an unforgettable getaway.

Whether you’re an art lover or seeking thrilling experiences, these one-of-a-kind hotels will cater to your interests and leave a lasting impression. Explore the picturesque beaches of St. Pete Beach, indulge in the elegance of Palm Beach’s Colony Hotel, or enjoy the rustic charm of Dunedin’s Fenway Hotel.

With something for everyone, Florida’s unique hotels offer a memorable and extraordinary stay for all travelers.

Top 10 Most Unique Hotels In Florida

The Top 10 Most Unique Hotels in Florida offer an extraordinary experience that goes beyond the typical beachside accommodations. From art-inspired hotels to rustic ranch resorts, each one has its own charm and character. Let’s explore these one-of-a-kind destinations:

The Betsy Hotel, South Beach, Miami Beach

The Betsy Hotel, located in South Beach, Miami Beach, is an art lover’s paradise. With its elegant design and curated collection of contemporary art, this hotel offers a sophisticated experience. From the moment you step into the lobby, you’ll be surrounded by creativity and beauty.

The Leslie Hotel, South Beach

Another unique hotel in South Beach is The Leslie Hotel. This boutique hotel combines Art Deco architecture with modern luxury. With its stunning ocean views and stylish rooms, it’s the perfect place to relax and soak in the vibrant energy of Miami Beach.

Westgate River Ranch Resort

If you’re looking for a unique getaway in the heart of nature, look no further than Westgate River Ranch Resort. Located in Central Florida, this resort offers the ultimate cowboy experience. From horseback riding and rodeos to glamping in luxury tents, you’ll feel like you’re living in the Wild West.

The Don Cesar, St. Pete Beach

Overlooking the beautiful St. Pete Beach, The Don CeSar is a historic hotel that exudes elegance and grandeur. Known as the “Pink Palace,” this iconic hotel offers luxurious rooms, fine dining, and a range of recreational activities. It’s the perfect blend of old-world charm and modern luxury.

The Breakers, Palm Beach

Nestled in the exclusive town of Palm Beach, The Breakers is a legendary hotel that has been welcoming guests since 1896. With its stunning Mediterranean architecture, lush gardens, and oceanfront location, it’s no wonder that this hotel is a favorite among discerning travelers.

J.w. Marriott Marco Island, Marco Island

Located on the pristine shores of Marco Island, the J.W. Marriott offers a luxurious and relaxing retreat. With its spacious rooms, multiple pools, and a private beach, it’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico.

Fenway Hotel, Dunedin

The Fenway Hotel, located in the charming town of Dunedin, is a boutique hotel with a rich history. Originally built in 1927, it has been meticulously restored to its former glory. With its elegant interiors and sweeping views of the bay, it’s a true hidden gem.

Postcard Inn

For those seeking a laid-back beach experience, the Postcard Inn is the perfect choice. Located in St. Pete Beach, this retro-chic hotel embodies the essence of coastal living. From colorful rooms to beachfront bonfires, it’s a place where you can truly relax and have fun.

Ritz-carlton, Amelia Island

Indulge in luxury at the Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island. With its stunning ocean views, world-class spa, and impeccable service, this hotel offers a truly pampering experience. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or enjoying a gourmet meal, you’ll be treated like royalty.

Colony Hotel Palm Beach

Last but not least, the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach is a classic beauty that transports you back to the glamorous days of the past. With its elegant interiors, upscale dining options, and proximity to high-end shopping, it’s a perfect destination for those seeking refined luxury.

Other Unique Hotel Options And Experiences

Experience the 10 most unique hotels in Florida, from the refined Carillon Beach Resort Inn to the tropical-themed Crane’s Beach House Boutique Hotel and Luxury Villas. Explore art lover’s paradise, The Betsy Hotel in South Beach, or the rustic luxury of Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo.

Discover Florida like never before.

Themed Unique Florida Boutique Hotel

Looking for a one-of-a-kind hotel experience in Florida? Look no further than the themed unique Florida boutique hotels. These hotels are not just a place to stay; they are an immersive experience that transports you to a different world. From tropical-themed hotels surrounded by lush landscapes to art-inspired hotels oozing sophistication, there is a themed boutique hotel to suit every taste.

Living Lodge In The Florida

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the serene surroundings of a living lodge in Florida. These unique hotels are more than just accommodation; they are a chance to reconnect with nature. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, you can indulge in activities like hiking, bird-watching, and stargazing. Whether you prefer a rustic log cabin or a luxurious eco-resort, a living lodge in Florida offers an unforgettable experience.

Authentic Florida – Coolest Hotels In Florida

Experience the real Florida with a stay at one of the coolest hotels in the state. These hotels capture the essence of Florida, offering a truly authentic experience. Whether it’s a historic hotel in the heart of a charming coastal town or a beachfront resort that showcases Florida’s natural beauty, these hotels embody the spirit of the Sunshine State. Get a taste of local cuisine, explore nearby attractions, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Florida.

Cool Hotels In Florida For A Unique Weekend Getaway

Looking for a quick escape from the daily grind? These cool hotels in Florida are perfect for a unique weekend getaway. From boutique hotels with rooftop pools and trendy cocktail bars to beachfront cottages with private access to the pristine sands, these hotels offer a refreshing break from the ordinary. Relax, rejuvenate, and create unforgettable memories with a unique weekend stay at one of these cool hotels in Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions For 10 Most Unique Hotels In Florida

Why Are Hotel Prices So High In Florida?

Florida’s hotel prices are high due to high demand after the pandemic, causing room rates to increase.

How Old Is A Hotel Room In Florida?

A hotel room in Florida’s age varies, with some being newly built and others being decades old.

What Are Some Unique Hotels In Florida?

Florida offers a variety of unique hotel options. Some of the most unique hotels in Florida include The Betsy Hotel in South Beach, The Leslie Hotel in South Beach, Westgate River Ranch Resort, The Don CeSar in St. Pete Beach, and Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island.

What Are Fun Places To Stay In Florida On The Beach?

If you’re looking for a fun beach getaway in Florida, consider staying at The Breakers in Palm Beach, J. W. Marriott Marco Island, Fenway Hotel in Dunedin, Postcard Inn, or Colony Hotel in Palm Beach. These hotels offer beachfront locations and a range of amenities for a memorable stay.


Florida is home to some of the most unique hotels that are sure to provide an unforgettable experience. From art lovers’ paradises to adventure parks meets rustic luxury, there is something for everyone. The Betsy Hotel in Miami Beach and The Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo are just a couple of examples of the extraordinary accommodations you can find in Florida.

So, if you’re looking for a truly unique and memorable stay, these hotels should definitely be on your bucket list. Happy travels!

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