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Unique Places to Stay in Waco Texas



Unique Places to Stay in Waco Texas

Looking for unique places to stay in Waco, Texas? Chip and Joanna Gaines have renovated a historic building in downtown Waco that offers a one-of-a-kind lodging experience.

From a cabin to a lighthouse to glamping, there are a variety of unusual accommodations available in Waco for your extraordinary stay. Whether you’re traveling with family or looking for a romantic getaway, there are options for every type of traveler.

We will explore some of the best and most unique places to stay in Waco, Texas, including bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, and vacation rentals. Get ready to experience Waco like never before!

Unique Places To Stay In Waco Texas

Discover the charm and character of Waco, Texas with our guide to the most unique places to stay in this vibrant city. From family-friendly accommodations to romantic retreats, there’s something for everyone in Waco.

For Families

If you’re traveling with your family, Waco offers a range of accommodations that cater to all ages. Check out these family-friendly options:

  • Bluebonnet Trail – A cozy cabin nestled among the stunning landscape of Waco. Perfect for a family getaway. Price starts at $99 per night
  • Bed and Breakfast on White Rock Creek – Experience a unique lodging experience in this charming B&B situated by the serene White Rock Creek. Price starts at $125 per night
  • Villastay Vacation Rentals – Waco’s most stunning and unique vacation rental options. Find your perfect family-friendly home away from home. Price starts at $110 per night

For Couples

If you’re looking for a romantic escape, Waco has plenty of options that will make your getaway unforgettable. Consider these unique accommodations for couples:

  • The Green Door Gallery Suite – A stylish and sophisticated suite located in the heart of Waco. Enjoy luxury amenities and a downtown view.
  • Green Door Lofts-Urban Cowboy – Immerse yourself in the urban cowboy vibe with this unique loft experience. Perfect for couples seeking something different.
  • Shotgun House – Experience the charm of a historic shotgun-style house. This cozy and intimate accommodation is perfect for a romantic weekend.

Near Magnolia

If you’re a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines and want to stay near their famous Magnolia Market, here are some options:

  • Waco Stunning Apartment with Downtown View – Stay in style just minutes away from Magnolia Market. Experience the best of Waco’s downtown scene.
  • The Clay House – A unique and beautifully designed rental located in proximity to Magnolia Market. Stay in comfort and style.

Whether you’re traveling with family, as a couple, or want to be near Magnolia Market, Waco has a wide range of unique accommodations that will make your stay unforgettable. Explore these options and experience the charm of Waco, Texas like never before.

Best Accommodations For Families

If you’re planning a family trip to Waco, Texas, finding the perfect place to stay is essential. Luckily, Waco offers a variety of unique accommodations that cater specifically to families. From spacious vacation rentals to charming bed and breakfasts, there is something for everyone. In this article, we will highlight two of the best accommodations for families in Waco: Villastay Vacation Rentals and Bluebonnet Trail.

Villastay Vacation Rentals

One of the top options for families visiting Waco is Villastay Vacation Rentals. These stunning and unique vacation homes provide ample space for the whole family to relax and unwind. With multiple bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and spacious living areas, these rentals offer all the comforts of home.

Located in various scenic locations across Waco, Villastay Vacation Rentals provide a peaceful and serene atmosphere for families. Whether you prefer a waterfront retreat or a cozy cabin in the woods, there is a rental that will suit your family’s needs.

Property Price Location
Vacation Rental 1 $110 31.65506, -97.14375
Vacation Rental 2 $125 31.62513, -97.12595
Vacation Rental 3 $99 31.65032, -97.14331
Vacation Rental 4 $110 31.67161, -97.14591

Bluebonnet Trail

If you’re looking for a unique and picturesque experience, Bluebonnet Trail is the perfect choice. This trail offers a selection of charming and cozy cabins nestled in the heart of nature. Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping and enjoying a cup of coffee on your private porch.

Bluebonnet Trail cabins are designed with families in mind, offering multiple bedrooms, fully furnished kitchens, and outdoor recreational spaces. Let your kids explore nature, embark on a hike, or simply enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

Here are some of the cabins along Bluebonnet Trail:

  1. Cabin 1 – Price: $99
  2. Cabin 2 – Price: $125

With each cabin offering its own unique charm, Bluebonnet Trail is the perfect place for families who want to reconnect with nature while enjoying a comfortable stay.

Whether you choose to stay at Villastay Vacation Rentals or Bluebonnet Trail, you can rest assured that your family will have an unforgettable experience in Waco, Texas. Book your accommodation now and start planning your family adventure in this charming city!

Romantic Getaways For Couples

Looking for a romantic getaway for couples in Waco, Texas? Look no further! Waco offers a variety of unique and charming accommodations that are perfect for creating lasting memories with your loved one. From cozy bed and breakfasts to stylish gallery suites, there is something for every couple seeking a romantic escape in Waco.

Bed And Breakfast On White Rock Creek

If you’re seeking a peaceful and idyllic retreat, the Bed and Breakfast on White Rock Creek is the perfect choice. Nestled in a serene countryside setting, this bed and breakfast offers a charming escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Wake up to the soothing sounds of nature and enjoy a delicious homemade breakfast prepared with local ingredients. With comfortable accommodations and picturesque views, this bed and breakfast provides an intimate and romantic atmosphere for couples looking to relax and unwind.

The Green Door Gallery Suite

For couples who appreciate art and unique accommodations, The Green Door Gallery Suite is a must-visit. Located in the heart of Waco, this stylish suite combines a boutique hotel experience with an art gallery. Step into a world of creativity and beauty as you explore the carefully curated collection of artwork displayed throughout the suite. With luxurious amenities, a comfortable bed, and a spacious lounge area, this suite offers the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene of Waco while enjoying a romantic getaway with your partner.

Convenient Locations Near Magnolia

Experience the charm of Waco, Texas while staying at conveniently located unique accommodations near Magnolia. From cozy cabins to stylish boutique hotels, there is something for everyone to enjoy during their visit to this vibrant city.

Convenient Locations near Magnolia If you’re planning a trip to Waco, Texas, and want to be close to all the action, staying near Magnolia is a convenient and exciting choice. Magnolia, owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper fame, is a must-visit destination for fans of home renovation and design. Here, we’ll explore two unique and charming accommodations that are just a stone’s throw away from Magnolia. H3: Green Door Lofts-Urban Cowboy One of the top choices for a unique stay near Magnolia is the Green Door Lofts-Urban Cowboy. Located in downtown Waco, this loft-style accommodation offers a trendy and urban atmosphere with a touch of cowboy flair. The loft is beautifully designed with modern furnishings, exposed brick walls, and hardwood floors. When you stay at Green Door Lofts-Urban Cowboy, you’ll be just a short walk away from Magnolia Market, where you can explore the various shops, grab a bite to eat at the Silos Baking Co., or simply soak in the vibrant atmosphere. After a long day of exploring, you can come back to your cozy loft and relax in the comfortable living area or unwind on the rooftop patio with breathtaking views of downtown Waco. H3: Shotgun House If you’re looking for a truly unique and authentic experience, the Shotgun House is a perfect choice. This historic home, renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines, captures the essence of Waco’s charm and character. The shotgun-style layout, where each room is arranged in a straight line, is characteristic of traditional southern homes. When you stay at the Shotgun House, you’ll enjoy its tasteful blend of modern and vintage design elements. The house features a fully equipped kitchen, a cozy living area, and a private outdoor space where you can relax and soak up the Texas sun. Located just a short distance from Magnolia, you’ll have easy access to all the attractions in the area while enjoying the comfort and charm of this unique accommodation. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a convenient location near Magnolia in Waco, Texas, the Green Door Lofts-Urban Cowboy and the Shotgun House offer unique and memorable stay options. Whether you prefer a trendy urban loft or a historic southern home, these accommodations will provide you with a comfortable and authentic experience while being just steps away from all the excitement Magnolia has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions For Unique Places To Stay In Waco Texas

Where Is Chip And Joanna Gaines Hotel?

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ hotel is located in downtown Waco, Texas.

How Many Days Should I Spend In Waco Tx?

You should spend at least 2-3 days in Waco TX to fully explore and enjoy the city’s attractions.

Is It Worth Visiting Waco?

Waco is worth visiting with its thriving arts scene, unique shopping experience, diverse dining options, and outdoor attractions. Don’t miss out on the city’s charm and attractions comparable to those found in larger cities.

How Much Does It Cost To Stay At The Hotel 1928?

Staying at Hotel 1928 costs $110 per night in Waco, TX. It offers a unique and stunning vacation experience.


In Waco, Texas, you can find a wide selection of unique and unforgettable places to stay. From historic buildings renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines to cozy cabins and glamping experiences, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re visiting with your family or looking for a romantic getaway, Waco has the perfect accommodation for you.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore this vibrant city and create lifelong memories in these one-of-a-kind lodgings. Start planning your trip to Waco today and discover the best places to stay.

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